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Advanced Posting Tips And Tricks

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Advanced Posting Tips And Tricks

Postby Caedda on Sat Apr 25, 2009 12:01 am

Tired of just typing messages?? This post gives you some tips to help spruce up your posts.

Posting Pictures

This is how you post a picture. First, the picture must be online. You cannot post pictures off of your machine. If you have a picture on your machine that you want to post, then you can always make an account with an image hosting site, such as http://photobucket.com/ and upload your pictures onto it. It must also be in the correct format, such as jpg, or gif.
Now, to the actual posting of the picture… Here is an example:
See that picture? Good. To post that picture, I had to type in:
Code: Select all

The brackets are called image tags. Now, don't worry about having to remember that, and having to type that in every time you want to post a picture. If you look up to where you want to post, just underneath the title, you will see a whole bunch of little buttons. Push the Img button, and it will automatically put in the [img ][ /img] part. Cool eh :D Then, you just put in your picture's url in between those. In this case it was "http://www.catfacts.org/cat-facts.jpg".

For very large pictures, you can use the [BigImg ] tag (instead of [Img ]), which is also on the top row of buttons. Now you know how to post a picture 8)

Clickable Links

To make a clickable link, such as this one, I had to enter the following:
Code: Select all

Again, you don't have to type in the tags all the time, just click the URL button, as it was with the pictures. But, here is how you make it clickable 8) Inside the [url] tag, you have to add in your website, in this case it was "www.speedsudoku.com". To do that, you simply need to do this: [url=website here]
See the "=" sign? That is what you need to add, along with the website. In between your [url=website here]and you[/url], you simply add you want to say. In this case, it was "this". So, it goes like
Code: Select all
[url=website here]what you want made clickable[/url]

You can always make a picture clickable as well. Just take what you learned from posting a picture, and put it in between the URL tags.


If you want to quote somebody, you just hit the quote button at the top right hand side of their post. It will look like this:
Caedda wrote:SPAM!

That was me saying SPAM! (big surprise eh ;)). It would look like this in your response:
Code: Select all

Let's say you have something that looks like this though:
sudoking wrote:
Caedda wrote:SPAM!

Stop spamming the forums!

and you don't want my previous SPAM! comment in your post, you would have this:
Code: Select all
Stop spamming the forums![/quote]

and would have to take out the "[quote= "Caedda"]" part, my "SPAM!" part, and my "[/quote]" part. You must always have the same number of [ quote] and [/quote] tags, otherwise, you end up with something like this:
Caedda wrote:SPAM!

Stop spamming the forums![/quote]

That just looks weird doesn't it? It is best to preview posts before sending them, especially if you have a lot of coding like that. That way, you don't end up with things that look like that.

If you want to make up your own post, and you want more than just a "quote" at the top, and instead want a "This site/person wrote" at the top, just do this:
SS website wrote:Solving newspaper sudoku puzzles daily can get a bit lonely and routine. Ever wonder if you could be a sudoku champion?

The key part of that post (in the code) was:
Code: Select all
[quote="SS website"]

See how at the top it says "SS website wrote"? Well, to get that, I had to add, in the quote tag, " ="CC website" ". Again, there are quote buttons, so you don't have to do all that [ quote][/quote] stuff. But, what you do have to do is add the ="whatever" part. I bolded the "'s because if you didn't get that, you would end up with:
and you don't want that do you?


If you want to show somebody something, such as the code for a picture, but you don't want to post the picture itself, then just use the Code button. It will add the:
Code: Select all

parts, and all you have to do is add what you want to say. An example would be what I did with the cat picture, but I'll do it again. This is the picture:
and this is what you need to type in for the picture. It is exactly the same, I just added Code tags:
Code: Select all

Colors, Bolding, Italics, Underlines and Sizes

To make something a different color, find the Font colour button. If you click, it will come up with a whole bunch of colors to choose from. Choose the one you want, and it will put in the proper tags for your post. An example would be:
Code: Select all

That funny set of letters and numbers after the # sign is called "hexadecimal", which is how a computer makes color. If you don't see a color that you like in the choices, you can use any other color code that you can find. Or you could type in the name of the color yourself
Code: Select all

If you clicked/typed red, it would make all the text in between the tags red.

It works the same way for font size, just go to the next one over, and choose the size you want.
To make something bold, click the "B" button, and it will give you the bold tag, which is just a [ b][ /b]. Then add your text and all the text inside the tags will now be bolded :D

To make something italics, do the same that you do with bolding, just click the "i" instead.
The same goes with underlining. Just click the "u".

Finding Players and Games

When you're posting in the forum or sending a private message, you may want to quickly go to a person's profile and tell your friend about a game they need to look at or join. There are two tags that let you do this.

The [Player ] tag will let you type in any member's name and go straight to their profile page. Just click the Player button and you will get
Code: Select all

Put the name between the tags to get Caedda

The [Game ] tag lets you view an active/completed game or takes you to the screen to join a partially filled one. Just click the Game button, and, like the other tags, put the game number between the tags to get Game 1.
Code: Select all

Hopefully these quick tidbits will turn your simple posts into masterpieces.
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