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Cheaters and troublemakers detract from the gaming experience of all Speed Sudoku players, and proactive measures are employed to protect our membership. Speed Sudoku reserves the right to suspend accounts and cancel Premium Memberships, with or without warning, of those players who are deemed to have violated the rules.

Sudoku Solvers

Speed Sudoku is a game of skill and any sort of tool that gives players artificial advantages in solving sudoku puzzles is strictly forbidden (even pencil & paper). We record how every game was played, and we routinely scan for suspicious play using both automatic software and the naked eye. If you suspect a player is using a sudoku solver, please report it following the instructions at the top of the Cheating & Abuse Reports forum.

Community Guidelines

Our moderation policy for the Forum, Private Messages, Live Chat and Game Chat is outlined in the community guidelines.

Unwritten Rules

Obviously any gross abuse of the game is forbidden. This includes but is not limited to: throwing games or deliberately benefiting from thrown games, hijacking accounts, systematically "farming" new members.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is protected by our privacy policy.


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